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eCommerce Web Design

We use a well known third party merchant with in excess of 150 million consumer accounts and capable of processing of non-account holder credit cards on your behalf. The charges are economically rationalised so if there are no sales, there are no charges; unlike the merchant facilities provided by your bank. A tiny precentage is deducted from each sale by the third party merchant provider with none of the price gouging Australian banks so commonly apply to strictly American credit cards such as Diners Club and American Express. As this third party merchant provider also takes security and commercial conflict resolution very seriously, an account with them can raise your credibility in the eyes of those potential clients who don't know you.

Our third party merchant provider operates a standards compliant & interoperable site that is accessible to visitors with a wide range of disabilities. This ensures that customers leaving your site to transact their purchase with you through the third party merchant's site won't be hindered by site quality issues. Equally important their purchasing infrastructure leaves a very small foot print on your site with no active scripting in their purchase buttons. This allows you to operate your site in restricted mode without any impact on your site's commercial operation. This is very important as we shall see.

The modern online consumer is a little more knowledgeable and much more wary of how "active" or "dynamic" client-side scripts can be abused when visiting web sites produced by an unknown or unfamiliar organisation. As this technology, including JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, and .NET components are the basis for the majority of modern hacker exploits such as phishing, installation of keyloggers, web bugs and other high-level worms, it is common sense to turn off or disallow all active scripting to prevent your bank account being emptied after shopping online. It therefore makes sense to deploy no client-side technology if you wish to do business with customers who don't know you well enough to give you access to their computer and by extension their online banking accounts.

Modern browser API deployed by both Windows XP and Windows Vista calls attention to such technologies and after informing the user of the substantial risk, requires the user to OK the execution of the applicable script before it is allowed to run. If your site uses this technology, chances are Microsoft is telling your potential customers that your deployment of active scripting is suspicious. 80 billion dollars defrauded from consumers in a single month says that Microsoft is right to do so regardless of your intentions because the issue has become a matter of safe web surfing procedures, rather than your perceived credibility.

The basis of RealmEleven eCommerce web design is constraint to the document server model. The principle is simple. The most important visitor to an eCommerce site is a potential customer. Therefore, RealmEleven eCommerce Web Design is optimised to the limitations imposed by any long term online consumer. Go ahead! Put this site on your restricted sites list and see if it restricts any of the functionality. The reason it doesn't is because extraordinary elements such as frameless fixed panels and dropdown menus are coded to deploy within the limitations of cascading style-sheet mark-up. As such, with no access to any level of API, there can be no real perceived threat to the visitor's system.

As you can see from the functionality of this site, client-side scripting technology is obsolete and unnecessary - and you can avoid the credibility issues rightly raised by Microsoft by not deploying any such "dynamic HTML" in the first place. Just look at how promptly our web menus work. They leave those clunky old JavaScript dinosaurs for dead, and still work for you even if you don't trust us. Go ahead. Contact us for a consultation. Letting us help you make your site commercially accessible with our eCommerce web design could be the best thing you ever do for your web presence.